My Dog Is Always Itching! What Should I do?

Is your dog struggling with constant itching? Fortunately, there are things that you can do in order to help your dog get over this itchy episode and get his shiny, smooth coat back once again!

So, what are the reasons that your dog might be itchy, and what can be done about this to help your pooch stop scratching?

Reasons why Dogs Itch

There are a huge number of reasons as to why your dog might be itchy, and if you are unsure, you should always visit a veterinarian in order to get professional support and advice. However, there are things that you can do right now to help your pooch feel better – but it’s always recommended to understand the reasons behind the itching first.

So, why could your dog be itching? Below, we have summarised some of the most common reasons so that you can find an adequate solution.


Well, one of the most common reasons why your dog is itchy may be due to external parasites – most commonly fleas, although sometimes this could be caused by mites as well. If your dog has a flea infestation, your pooch will be incredibly itchy due to the fleas effectively biting into skin to get access to blood!

It’s pretty easy to understand how this could be so itchy, and a flea infestation is pretty easy to notice as well. Have a look through your dog’s fur to see if you can see small parasites crawling around; if your pooch has fleas, you might also notice these crawling around your home. However, if your dog has mites then these will not be visible by the naked eye, so do not necessarily rule this out just because you can’t visibly see external parasites.


Another common cause of itching is allergies. Your dog could suffer from a variety of different allergies, so you may wish to contact your vet to help work out which items are causing your dog irritation.


It doesn’t sound like the best boredom reliever, however, dogs that are bored can begin gnawing as a distraction. Dogs may also start chewing on your household belongings because of boredom, too, so this could be a sign that your dog is itching out of boredom – if this is the case, giving your dog some toys could be enough to stave off any further itching!

Dry Skin and Fur

If you’ve ever had dry skin, you’ll probably know how itchy it is – and the same is the case for your dog, too. If your dog has dry skin then you will likely find that he is incredibly itchy, seemingly for no apparent reason. If you touch your pooch’s coat, it will likely also be dry and have lost its usual shine and gleam.

What Can Be Done to Treat Itching?

If your pooch is scratching and gnawing out of boredom, the issues could likely be solved simply by offering a few chew toys!

Offering a good Omega 3-6-9 and Probiotic Supplement

Well, to start with, you need to make sure your pooch is healthy and fit. Probiotic supplements such as DigestDOG that includes digestive enzymes may be able to help your four legged friend get the most from his diet, thereby improving his nutrient absorption and immunity.

Other supplements specifically designed for skin and coat health could also be beneficial, especially if you notice that your dog’s coat is dull and lifeless; for example, our carefully created ShinyDOG by Petvitals supplement is a premium quality omega 3, 6 and 9 complex supplement which is designed to provide the minerals he needs for healthy skin and fur. This is a huge boost of goodness that can help to boost his immune system and alleviate dry skin and coat issues (and, best of all, they’re tasty for dogs too!)

Flea and Mite Treatments and Shampoos

If you think that the problem might be parasitic in nature, you should approach your vet to ask about getting flea or mite treatment. Flea treatment is usually easy to give, meanwhile mite treatment is usually provided as a specialist shampoo for your pooch; your vet will be able to advise further on the products that you need in this case.

So, If your dog is itching then you might be pulling your own hair out panicking but don’t panic, because there are steps that you can take to help combat your itchy problem!