Prevention Is Better Than Cure! How To Prevent Common Health Problems In Dogs!

If you are like most dog owners, you have just as much love for your canine friend as it does for you! It is also probably safe to say you want nothing more than to give it the happiest, healthiest life possible. Well, the best way to do that is to prevent as many health problems as possible before they arise, and you can do that by implementing the following tips into your dog’s daily routine. Follow these tips so you can be sure that your dog is warding off potential health hazards and staying ahead of the problems.

Doggie Health Tip 1 - Proper Hydration

No matter whether you have an adorable young puppy or a beautiful senior dog, giving them enough fresh water to drink each day is a must. It's worth noting that not all dogs drink the same amount of water, and this will vary between size and breed. Either way, keep an eye on your dog's water bowl and fill it up whenever it's empty.

We recommend using a stainless steel bowl over plastic since plastic bowls can breed bacteria. Some dogs also have an allergy to plastic, so it's best to avoid them altogether.

Doggie Health Tip 2 - Top Shelf Grub

Healthy food is important for humans and our dogs. This means choosing a high-quality brand that contains a good balance of all-natural ingredients. Most dogs will eat just about anything you put in their food bowl, but that doesn't mean you should opt for the wrong dog foods. These brands contain additives, chemicals, and flavourings that may taste good to a dog, but does nothing to promote its long-term health.

We’re not saying you need to give your dog filet mignon and sweet potato (although they’d love you for it), but it’s a good idea to ask your vet for some suggestions as to which companies are reputable and known for producing good quality dog food.

Doggie Health Tip 3 - Healthy Treats

Rewarding your dog with a treat is a great way to teach them what behaviour is acceptable and what isn't. Choosing the right treats to give them also adds a health benefit to this reward. A small, lean piece of meat like chicken breast (cooked) or lean red meat will make your dog sit and follow instructions. If that's a little out of the budget, ask your vet to suggest a healthy doggie treat that is made from all-natural ingredients.

Doggie Health Tip 4 - A Multivitamin Supplement

While most good dog foods contain a good balance of macro nutrients, they may not provide your canine friend with enough of those smaller nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Since the name of the game here is "Optimal Health", introducing a vitamin supplement designed for dogs is a great way to help your furry pet make up the difference it isn't receiving from its food.

As with humans, vitamins and minerals can help boost your dog's immune system to help it fight off sickness and other harmful bacteria that enter the system. VitaDOG by Petvitals is a prime example of a high-quality vitamin supplement your dog will love. The tablets are easily digestible and made with all-natural ingredients and are chicken flavoured, meaning you won't have a problem getting your dog to eat it. It almost sounds tempting enough for a person to eat but hey! Save that for your dog (wink).

Doggie Health Tip 5 - Keep Up With Vaccines and Remove Parasites

When setting up the vaccinations for your dog, it is best to follow the advice of your veterinarian. Vaccinations are of the utmost importance to saving an animal's life by preventing many diseases that could be deadly. Don't delay this process as your dog's life depends on it.

Another important process is the removal of parasites like fleas and heart worms. Your veterinarian can also recommend the remedies you should apply, and like Vaccines, there should be no procrastination in the application of these treatments. Even parasites that aren't lethal can cause stress to your dog and result in behavioural issues.

Doggie Health Tip 6 - Regular Grooming

A clean dog is a happy dog! A monthly trip to the groomer for a professional bath and haircut will help rejuvenate your dog's energy and remove any knotted hairs or grime that is caught in its fur. This will allow your dog to move around more freely and result in less scratching. Also, your dog won't have an odour stinking up your living space, so it's a win for you both!

Our treasured pooches are simply another member of the family. They love and trust us so unconditionally that we owe it to them to ensure they are well taken care of and strong both on the outside and inside. Following these tips will give your treat the treatment they deserve, and in return, you’ll have more time to spend with them and receive that special love only they know how to give.