Have A Senior Dog? Your Pooch Will Thank You For Making These Lifestyle Changes!

Perhaps you got your canine companion as a puppy, but now the years have crept on by and he is getting older. Alternatively, you might have gotten your pooch later in life, or maybe your pet hasn’t yet turned up and you want to make sure your home is set up ready to welcome them!

Whatever the case might be for you and your dog, it is absolutely essential that you take some steps to make sure your home is comfortable for a senior dog – because we all know, when we get older, things start getting a little more tricky. Even the most basic of tasks can require more exertion and certain activities might be risky or ill advised, and so it is important that you take steps to adapt your home or lifestyle for your senior dog to keep them healthy and happy for longer.

Adapting your Home for a Senior Dog

First things first, we’ll look at how you can adapt your home for a senior dog. This is incredibly important because, as they grow, they will need more TLC and a slightly different environment if they stay happy and healthy!

Look at Access

One of the most important changes that you may need to make for your senior dog is access. Indeed, if your property isn’t the easiest to access, this could pose a significant challenge for your beloved pooch!

There are a number of reasons for this to be the case, but the most notable of these is due to arthritis and painful joints. We recommend trying our FlexiDOG joint supplement which can go a huge way towards helping to ease this pain, it is still important that you adapt your home so as not to aggravate aging joints and bones.

What does this mean? Well, just have a look at the routes your dog normally takes through the house. The front and back doors can be especially notable if they are raised from the floor, for example; you may want to provide your dog with a small ramp to help make it easier to get access inside without having to jump or climb. This doesn’t need to be a fancy ramp – a strong piece of wood should do the job, so long as it is free from splinters and the like which could get stuck in his paws!

Make his Bed Extra Comfy!

If you can, you may want to make sure that your dog’s bed has extra padding as they age to help them properly relax and get comfortable. Always do so carefully, though, as too much could potentially make the bed too hot for them!

Remove Obstacles in your Home

If you have any obstacles in your home which might make it difficult for your dog to navigate the property, moving or removing these could help them to get around more easily despite his aging bones. This is also true for other reasons, such as sight loss and the like; so, try and make sure there are as few obstacles in your dog’s way as possible.

Other Things to Consider

When getting things ready for a senior dog, you need to think about more than just the environment but also the steps being taken to promote his health. This is especially true in terms of exercise and nutrition.

Make Sure They Gets Exercise – But Not Too Much!

Your dog might once have enjoyed running around the park, but this may not be so appealing for an elderly dog. Instead, you may wish to go for shorter, gentle walks to ensure they get enough exercise without putting too much pressure on their joints and body. Your pooch is an old dog now that needs rest just as much as they need to stretch their legs!

Get your Pooch's Nutrition Right

If you want to keep your old dog happy and healthy, looking at his nutrition is essential. Always choose a high quality pet food, ideally one which is tailored for senior dogs, as this will provide your pooch with the correct balance of nutrients that they need; if you’re unsure about this, contact your veterinarian or a professional pet nutritionist for advice.

If you’re worried about your pet’s health, offering your dog with supplements can also help. We’ve already mentioned supplements (such as our chicken flavoured FlexiDOG supplements which provide joint support and helps with mobility), but there is also VitaDOG by Petvitals which is a multivitamin for dogs that can also help enhance his health and happiness! Don’t disregard these, as they could literally give your pooch a whole new lease of life!

Let you pooch age gracefully by making these few simple changes to your lifestyle and home environment.